Moving sale coming soon

For several reasons, I’m always on-the-go, packing and unpacking…

I realised I’ve got hundreds of books, cd’s, dvd’s, clothing items I can’t bring with me to Brighton, nor can I stuff my mother’s house and attic. On top of that, I wouldn’t disdain raising money to help myself survive in Brighton for a few more days while I manage to get a decent job…

All that said, I decided to host a “moving sale” at my mum’s. We shall prepare coffee, tea, chocolate, cakes for our perspective buyers, carefully picked among friends and friends of friends…

The date has not been set yet. Since my mum’s flat is awaiting a large sofa from the manufacturer, we’ll host the big event on the first Saturday afternoon after the sofa has been delivered (it’s due by the beginning of December).

My big problems are: choosing what to sell and what to keep, and putting the price tags on the items to go!

Since I have a fondness for so many things I’m planning to sell, I’m sure I will exercise a new kind of right: the right of withdrawal as a seller. “Please, here’s your money, give that book back to me, I can’t get rid of it!”. That’s what some of my buyers will be likely to hear from me after they have managed, through a big effort, to close the bargain…

“NOT everything must NECESSARILY go” is going to be my motto…


I'd love to hear your view! Thanks for any comments...

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