A roof over my head

I’m done: I’ll have a pleasant roof over my head from my very first day in Brighton! Unlike the guys in the picture, I didn’t have to go through much hassle….

I was looking for a place to stay during my early period in Brighton, while I manage to get a room in a shared flat. Of course I discarded ho(s)tels and B&Bs from the very beginning: too expensive if you spend there more than a few days. I considered that being hosted by a family would be considerably cheaper, and started to surf the web looking for websites offering this kind of service.

At the very beginning I couldn’t find much, just because I was typing the wrong keywords! When I accidentally came across the magic word, “homestay”, a whole new world burst upon me. To cut it short, I registered to Homestaybooking.com and began to browse their listings in Brighton. My main requirements was a quiet household in a central location: I didn’t want my nerves to be shaken by kids screaming or their parents smoking in my face, neither was I eager to take a bus to go downtown everyday.

My choice fell onto this middle aged woman and her teenage daughter whose house is located in an amazing area not far from the pier. For 15 pounds a day she was offering “a private spacious room with double bed. Bed linen & towels. Continental breakfast. Use of family bathroom. Weekly laundry service. Room cleaning. Internet access (wifi)”.

It sounded just great! I wrote her a message to gather more information, and was a bit disappointed to learn that she wouldn’t provide meals other than breakfast or allow use of the kitchen for cooking (except for the microwave oven!).

Anyway, no other offer was comparable to this lady’s. Therefore, I accepted. My only caution was to shorten the time of my stay at her place from the expected 2 months to 3 weeks, but we agreed that if things work well and she has availability, I might choose to protract my stay…

Now, all I need to do is to learn which are the cheapest eateries in a radius of one kilometre from home. Ah, and ask my mum for some exciting “raw-to-microwaved” recipes…


I'd love to hear your view! Thanks for any comments...

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