Word Reference rocks!

Wordreference.com is a popular website offering on-line dictionaries and language forums. I subscribed about one year ago, and since them I’ve been one of the most active members on the English-Italian forum under the nickname Gianfry, with almost 5,500 posts to date!

What we do is open threads (about any translation problem of a particular chunk of text), seeking for other members’ advice, just like on any other forum on any possible subject! Well, maybe we follow a stricter netiquette than most others do, but that’s another story…

The other funny part is, you chime in to help thread openers, and sometimes, on very complicated problems, we keep discussing for ages! Here you find a recent example of a long thread I have started to find the best translation for the sign that inspired the post “No stealing, please!” on this blog.

You can open a thread (and write posts) in either language, therefore I suggest that all students of Italian (regardless of their level) subscribe (it’s totally free, no need say) and browse its pages: it’s a fantastic way to improve your skills and keep learning your favourite language…

I would also suggest not to be shy, and to start writing from the very beginning! Provided you approach our community in a polite and friendly way, I guarantee nobody will ever make fun of you!

By the way, please remember that, whether you’re Italian or English, you’re always a native speaker in at least one of the two languages, and your expert advice may prove useful to very many users…

PS The other great thing about WR is that you get to know many smart people, like John (whose nickname is johngiovanni), a 63yo guy from Lancashire, so passionate about Italy that in one year he learnt to speak an excellent Italian, as you can see from his comments to my page Teaching (and learning) Italian.


I'd love to hear your view! Thanks for any comments...

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