My fifth column in Brighton

I’m moving to Brighton, but I’ve never been there so far. I’ve sent someone out there for a preliminary reconnoitre on my behalf, though. It’s an Italian woman, and her code name is Pam.

She moved to Brighton in September with her alleged boyfriend (great trick to merge with the crowd, Pam!) and managed to be hired by a finance company where I might end up working myself if I can’t make ends meet doing what I’m good at; she has just rented a flat a few hundred metres from my host family, to make sure that the neighbourhood is clean, and she keeps posting apparently harmless pictures of herself on her Facebook account, just to let me gather information about the background. She’s also constantly informing me about the locals’ oddities, like their way of greeting people with “Hi ya!”…

Thank you Pam, keep up the great work, but please keep your eyes skinned! God forbid that my best cover agent gets to be blown…


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