I’m in Brighton, at last!

ImageI made it!

Last Thursday, at 3.30pm, I left Brighton Rail Station to get lost into the town on a glorious sunny day. Someone suggested to take a bus to my destination but, forgetful of my two trolley cases and a bag, I was urged to walk: my feet were twitching for the excitement!

I received a warm welcome by my lovely host and daughter, which I returned with a sweaty hug. Their house would benefit from some refurbishment, but I seemed not to care at all…

My first stroll, once freed from the luggage, was towards and along the beach, as a homage to the sea I had left in my hometown. I felt like I was walking there to reassure that I was not betraying it, that I still needed it, though in a different Country, just like I kept needing a good shawarma, which I had, actually, that very night, to my great satisfaction…

Yesterday night I met for the first time with my fifth column in Brighton, along with her almost-husband, at their lovely newly rented house. I brought a bottle of red wine from Italy, they offered me tea and scones, just like they were a traditional English couple. But they are not, and you could tell when we started to tell each other episodes of our previous lives in Italy. And so we went on, laughing and whining, until very late…

In the meanwhile, I’ve started searching for a double room to rent, a bank account to open, and a job to make ends meet… My first phone interview was successful, we’ll see if I manage to survive to the selection process!

Come what may, now I can say I’m a “brightalian”. For real.

PS I inform you that the picture shown in this post is an intentionally stupid tourist picture, the first one to depict me in Brighton. Therefore, it has an invaluable historical relevance 😉 On the background, the kitsch facade of the Royal Pavilion, maybe the most famous among Brighton landmarks…


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