Sightseeing the future…

I’m not a big fan of sightseeing buses. Well, to be honest, I really dislike them. But that’s not the point here… Please take a look at the side of this bus operating in Salerno, my hometown.

It displays a large “piazza” surrounded by a huuuge building. You will obviously deduce that you’re admiring one of Salerno’s landmarks, and if you were onboard that bus, you would expect the driver to take you there as soon as possible for a photo opportunity…

Unfortunately, you are wrong! It’s just a project, a plan carried on and heavily supported by our Mayor. But still many people in town don’t approve that project: it has been a controversial issue since the beginning, and the procedures adopted by the Council are currently being investigated by the magistrates. By the way, there are quite a few chances that the monster will never be built.

It is not an icon of the present town. Neither of the future one, I would say, hopefully. Nevertheless, it earned a special place on our sightseeing buses. Our castle, dominating above the town and dating back to the Longobard period, could have possibly fitted the bill pretty well, but yeah, we seem to be more propelled towards the future rather than entangled in an obscure past…

Similarly, should you Brightonians be considering to show off your glories from a bus’ side, I would definitely suggest to forget the Royal Pavilion, and to go for the i360 tower!


UPDATE: This year the bus will not be operated anymore. It was difficult to forecast, I would say… Those people are so much propelled towards the future, that the bus is already history 🙂


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