The King of Burger

King of Burger

The old and ailing King of Burger is portrayed here just one month before his death. He seats lonesome and solemn behind a standard of his kingdom, and seems to be meditating upon the miserable state of his herds, and the vanity of life and earthly glory, which are the prevailing subjects among the shaky notes jotted down in his journal of the time.

On his venerable head rests an exquisite crown, as appropriate to his rank even in such an intimate and dreary circumstance. Behind his back stands a fine painting of the majestic Royal Palace, built in the early days of his reign to celebrate his power in the eyes of the world…

Sometimes a random snapshot like this (taken from outside Brighton’s Burger King late at night) can push your imagination towards unexpected territories, and the graphics fanatic in you will crop the pic conveniently and apply an “oil painting” filter to it 😉


I'd love to hear your view! Thanks for any comments...

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