The “Found in translation” project

gattaraThis is an amazing project by the New Zealander artist Anjana Iyer. She is illustrating a hundred words “found in foreign languages that cannot be Anglicised word for word”. They express ideas or name objects or people. To date, the words are 41 (she’s supposed to add one a day). She has included two Italian ones: “culaccino” (which I completely ignored) and “gattara”. How do you like them? 🙂

If my Italian readers could suggest more words untranslatable into English, that would be great. I’ll try and let you know my favourites as soon as they come to mind…

Meanwhile, you can take a look at the forum Better than English, whose users add very peculiar words from every language in the world.

Italian speakers will enjoy reading two articles about untranslatable words from Il Foglio and Panorama.

To be continued…


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