Getting started…

foto per gumtree

Hi everybody, and welcome to my blog! My name is Gianfranco Martana. At some point in my life I decided to treat myself a very special present: a brand-new life!

As the title suggests, I’m here to record the process through which an Italian guy as I am is relocating to Brighton, England, for good.

The best place to get to know more about this process is the post “A bright Italian in Brighton”. I really hope you have time to read through my blog, but please consider that some of the pages are still in progress or under construction. All comments will be highly welcome: other people’s views are a wholesome and tasty food for thought 🙂

All the pictures randomly shown in the header were taken by me, mostly in Turkey, but also in England, Italy and Portugal. The panoramic view of my (former) hometown Salerno is the only picture I didn’t take myself. It is of public domain, though.

Some pages and posts will be in English, some in Italian, according to who’s most likely to read them.

More to follow soon!

A presto,



14 responses to “Getting started…

  1. Hi Gianfranco. Welcome to England and moreover to Brighton! I moved here myself, 3 years ago and 1 month from Australia (although I am in village just north of Brighton). I saw your post on the Brighton Film Makers Facebook, thought I would say welcome. Hope you have a fantastic time here and I am sure that you will add to Brightons richness.


  2. I look forward to reading of your experiences as you settle in to your brand new life in sunny Brighton Gianfranco. For me, it’s like London by the seaside! Hope you have fun here :-).


    • Hi John!
      Thank you, I’m trying to enjoy the town at my best…
      To me, it’s like my hometown (a seaside town), without all the bad bits 🙂
      I’m going to publish new posts about my life here pretty soon. Comments are always welcome!


  3. Hey AB!
    I’m so glad to read you here…
    Thank you for your wishes.
    I’m really happy about my radical choice, at the moment.
    Hope my smile will stay on my face for a long long time…
    See you on the forum soon!

    PS “In Inghilterra”… This is not like you, AB! 😉


  4. Hey! I’m an 18 yo Finnish musician and I’m coming there. Already agreed with some people about renting a room of their house in London! Would you mind telling details about how you handled all the practical stuff regarding settling down there? Like stuff like NI number, general practitioner, finding a job, finding an apartment, opening a bank account… I’ve familiarized myself with these issues and have a plan, but I guess it would be useful to hear about people’s real experiences!



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