Indice di Frequenza (Stick on to it!)


Indice di frequenza was definitely one of the most amazing experiences in my whole life!

During my University years I used to write poems and short stories. Indice di frequenza was the first screenplay I wrote, along with my friend Manlio. It was meant to be a 15’ short film. Wondering about who could play the main (and basically only) character, a neurotic, middle-aged guy, we both thought of Alessandro Haber, a very well-known and brilliant actor. Of course, we were just dreaming: we lived in a small town, had no previous experience in film-making, and no contacts with the right people…

Well, to cut a long story short, we managed to get Mr. Haber’s address and went to Rome with the intention of meeting him. It was late morning when we buzzed the entry phone, but he was not at home. We therefore handed the screenplay (along with a short, very naive note of introduction) to the porter. That was back in 1997, I didn’t have a mobile at the time: the only contact I could provide was my home’s telephone number.

In the early afternoon I was back in Salerno. Nobody was at home. I checked the writing pad next to the phone, and found that my mum had jotted down the name “ABER” (no H!) along with a Rome phone number (his home’s, which I already knew) and a mobile number.

Well, you can easily imagine I was about to lose my senses…

To cut another long story short, it took me one year to get to the shooting (I produced the film as well!), and one more year before it was ready for its première. The shooting lasted 6 days. I managed to gather a real, professional crew to help us with our first experience behind the camera…

The final result was more than satisfying: the short won a couple of prizes, was screened all over Europe and broadcast by “Studio Universal” satellite channel.

I hope I’ll be able to post more pictures in the near future. Meanwhile, you can watch the film (in Italian with English subtitles) on my YouTube Channel, right here. Enjoy!

I'd love to hear your view! Thanks for any comments...

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