Leo Brouwer – Diario Italico

In 2001 I was asked by Guitart magazine to conceive and direct a documentary about the Cuban guitarist and composer Leo Brouwer. If you are familiar at all with the world of classical guitar, you already know that Leo is a living legend. No wonder I seized this exciting opportunity at once!

Leo had expressly composed a “concert for guitar quartet and string(s) orchestra” for the internationally acknowledged “GuitArt Quartet”, and had established to come to Italy to do the rehearsals and perform his concert’s première.

The concert’s title was “Concerto italico”, in three movements, named after Italo Calvino, Gabriele d’Annunzio and the Neapolitan villanella respectively.

We were a small, nimble crew of 7 people altogether. We filmed for 9 days with one s16mm camera, and got an extra one for the première.

We followed Leo, the Quartet and the whole orchestra at work and in their free-time. I was mostly concerned in trying to get the most out of Leo’s musical and personal traits and background.

He proved to be a friendly and lovable chap, therefore we really had a great time together. Hopefully this extremely relaxed atmosphere which led Leo to openly tell his inner thoughts about his life and art can be found in the 33’-long documentary film entitled “Diario italico”, published as a DVD in 2005 and released with “GuitArt Magazine”. It was later broadcast on “Sky Classica” satellite channel. A 7’30’’ excerpt is now available on my YouTube Channel (not the best video quality, unfortunately).


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