The Oil Society

The Oil Society logo tree 01c_greenWhat you see in the picture is the logo I designed for “The Oil Society”, a business set up by my friends Cristiano and Rebecca. They import a delicious extra virgin olive oil from Tuscany to Brighton. Can you think of something more brightalian? 🙂

Their first public appearance was last September at the “Brighton&Hove Food festival” on Hove Lawns. I joined them to help, and we had so much fun! We offered free tastings of freshly bbq toasted bread with their olive oil and a pinch of salt. We were also selling scrumptious bruschetta with tomato, basil and garlic from their greenhouse.


That’s me at the Food Festival

For the moment, they only sell in Brighton&Hove, but the good thing is, they deliver for free all over the town, even if you only buy a single half litre bottle! They are two lovely guys, aren’t they? I hope they can expand soon, maybe introducing a whole range of selected fine foods from Tuscany, who knows…

Below I’m pasting the presentation you find on their newly built website (, which is still under construction.

Good luck, Cristiano and Rebecca! 🙂

Single Origin Cold-Pressed Extra Virgin Olive Oil

We sell single origin cold-pressed extra virgin olive oil from Tuscany. All our oil comes from family-run farms where the olives are grown, picked, pressed and bottled by the family to guarantee quality and provenance.

For now we only sell in Brighton and Hove (where we offer free delivery) and at food festivals but if you are interested in our oil, please send an email to theoilsociety[at] or join The Oil Society’s Facebook page. Alternatively you can follow us @theoilsociety on Twitter


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